This Christmas…

I love Christmas!! This is my favorite time of year! It’s full of love, peace, joy, tradition, and memories.

Sofia's First Christmas 025

For Christmas this year: Michael, ‘Bug’ and I are heading down to Turlock, California to celebrate with his family. This will be ‘Bugaboo’s’ First Christmas, and we could not be any more excited! We and our family have got her lots of fun toys to play with that I know she will enjoy. I am so excited to see the look on Michael’s face, as well, as he opens his Christmas presents I got for him.

We may take an updated version of a Family Photo this year with the King family. We have a brother who had just returned home from serving an LDS mission in Mexico, and we also have two additions to the family: our nephew as well as our little princess.

We may also play games, listen to Christmas music, enjoy each other’s company, and may even go to different places to have fun and play.

But, the best part of all: we are planning on going to the Oakland Temple to do all of the temple work for Michael’s late grandfather, Franklin King.

I am so excited, yet, I feel a little different this year. I have been thinking a lot about the First Christmas story. You know, the one where Jesus Christ was born? The true and real meaning of Christmas. Why we even have this holiday and why it is so special. And as I hold my precious baby in my arms and sing to her fun Christmas lullabies such as Silent Night and Angels We Have Heard On High, I can’t help but think about how Mary must have felt holding her own little baby in her arms.

I know most of you reading this are probably thinking, “Well, yeah, she probably felt nervous as heck, and she knew she was going to be raising the Savior.” But, if you really think about it, Jesus was her little baby. He had that cute toothless smile, too, at one point. I’m sure He had his fussy nights, like every other baby in the world. And I’m sure He had chubby cheeks and chubby thighs with tiny fingers and toes like my baby. And, just like every little newborn in the world, He was perfect in every way.

It’s interesting to see Mary’s  perspective a little bit more this year, and I recommend to all of you who are reading this to do the same. Think about a little baby boy named Jesus, think about how He would probably look up at you with innocent eyes if you were holding Him in your arms. Let your heart grow for Him and  love Him, for He has already done so much for you.

I would like to share with anyone and everyone to enjoy these holidays and to know that we love you all very much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “This Christmas…

  1. Beautifully written. I remember having some of the same feelings toward Jack when he was just a month old for his first Christmas. Mary had to have been an amazing woman, but she also had to be a little normal too.

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