How to Talk to Your Baby

According to my helpful and very resourceful parenting book, it says that I need to be talking to my 5-month old as if she is feeling a part of the conversation. It gave examples such as:

“What do you think about this movie?”

“Ah goo bleh blah!”

“Oh I see.”


“What do you think we should have for dinner?”

“Brrr bah bah baaaaaah”

“Ahhh meatballs it is.”

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They say this will increase their ability to understand the flow of everyday conversation and to learn new words all at the same time. And in a psychological standpoint, this will help the baby feel included in the family conversation.

I have been giving this a try for the past 5 1/2 months with ‘Bug’, and I’ve noticed that it is easier for some people and very difficult for others. Michael finds it is easy to do. I, however, fit in the latter category.

I am getting better at it, though. I talk to her like I would talk to an adult human being sometimes, but then I automatically revert back to thinking, “She’s just a baby. She doesn’t understand a word that I’m saying.”

I know that I’m not the only one with this problem and I’ve actually researched ways on how to do this a little more easily. Here are three ways to talk to your baby:

Step 1. Giver her a running commentary.

Describe to her what you’re doing, what’s she’s doing, and the people around you are doing. Yes, you may sound a little crazy, and sometimes may even feel like one of those sports commentators. But, believe it or not, you are teaching her not only words and communication, but you are teaching her actions and purposes.

Step 2. Sing songs, tell her stories, or even read books to her.

Little games, songs, rhymes, and stories are perfect for little babies at this age. Teaching your little one how to play pat-a-cake and other games and songs will help them quickly learn their motor skills in a fun way. Also, talking in sing-song will not only make your baby girl feel like she’s living in a fun musical life she will also feel the excitement in the tone of your voice.

Step 3. Take turns.

Make sure you are giving your baby time to respond. If you hear your baby gurgling and babbling you could say things like, “I love that sound you’re making. Tell me more!” And then let the baby babble some more.

Well, there you have it. Three effortless ways to communicate with your baby. It’s not always easy to do this at first, so start with one and then work your way up. Make it into a game and have fun with it. Have fun talking to your baby, because sooner or later she WILL start talking and you will miss the days when all she did was make cute little razzes and cooing.


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