A Letter to My Daughter, Future Daughters, and Every Daughter Across the World

I start my day just like anyone else does. I wake up,wish my husband good luck, take care of ‘Bug’, eat a bowl of cereal, and then turn on my computer. I check the news, see what the weather has for us, look for what’s new on facebook, etc. I see the good news and the bad news. I see wonderful surprises and disappointing pitfalls. And, yet, I look down at my baby girl lying on her blanket slobbering all over her favorite toys. I feel happiness, anxiety, and especially fear. Why do I feel fear? Why shouldn’t I feel more excited? And, then it hit me:

How do I protect this sweet innocent little girl from the pain, hate,  and dirt that the world outside loves to advertise?

I know that I can’t always keep her from what’s going on in the world. I know I can’t lock her up and hide her from all of the shame and profane in today’s and the future’s society. I can only hope and pray that all that Michael and I would teach her will stick with her for life. That she is more than just our daughter. She is so much more than that.

So, here’s a letter to my daughter, ‘Bug’, and all daughters across the world. This includes all of you women: girls, daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters, nieces and grandmothers out there who deserve to hear this.


To the most dearest and loved person ever,

you are more than just our daughter. You are amazing, talented, and smart. You are strong and you will strengthen those around you that need strengthening.

You do not belittle others to make you higher, but lift others higher so you stand on common ground.

You are a great and worthy leader to those who need leading.

You are sweet and caring to those who need a friend.

You are wise enough to know that there will never be an end to learning.

You will inspire and you will be inspired.

You will love and forever be loved.

You will carry a light within you that no one can ever extinguish.

You will dance your worries away and you will ask others to join you.

You will sing your heart out to bring the sunshine into your life.

You will find beauty in the world around you and teach others to do the same.

You will not hide your talents and you will encourage others to not do so as well.

And every time you leave out the door, you will return home with honor.

You will face trials in your life. But I hope that you will not only overcome them but that you will learn from them. That the troubles in your life are only there to make you a better person.

You will find love and you will have your heart broken. I wish that during these times that you will never close your heart and will learn to love again.

I pray that when the day comes you do find your prince that he will treat you like the princess that you are.

I pray that you remember these things that we teach you every day for your entire life. For one day you will become a mother as well.

Some day you will have daughters of your own, and my wish for you is that you will be just as proud of them as we are with you.

We love you. We love your heart and soul. We love your smile, your eyes, your spirit. Always remember these things.

But, most importantly, remember that you have been His daughter first.

That’s right.

You are a daughter of God.

He loves you so much. He has entrusted your father and me to take care of you, raise you, and to teach you these things.

Always remember.

With the truest of love,

Your Mama


4 thoughts on “A Letter to My Daughter, Future Daughters, and Every Daughter Across the World

  1. Tears of Joy and Happiness fill my heart as I receive the message you share so beautifully and kindly. Our love grows as the decades of daughters grow. Thank you for being you. Love, Grandma McLaws

  2. I understand that feeling – I felt it too when I had my first baby. I suddenly realized how challenging it would be to raise a child in the world we have now. And it’s gotten worse since 2001! And 12 years later, I feel like I’m starting to get into the thick of it as Parker becomes more aware of the world and people and ideas around him. So I pray and pray for my children, and try to have the gospel be their foundation and their bubble wrap as they move through life. Love you!

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