A Short Letter to the Check-out Guy at the Grocery Store

Dear Mr. Check-out Guy,

You have no idea how much you made my evening the other day. You didn’t know how stressful our family’s week has been the past week, and getting through a quick grocery shopping trip is not on my list of favorite things to do. We have been going through an intense internship that requires my husband (and the car) to be gone from 6 am till 7:30 pm and by the time he gets home it is about time to put Bug to bed. We had been slowly running out of necessary foods like milk, eggs, bread, cheese, etc. and when you’re trying to make dinner for your family every night for a week, it gets difficult to get creative sometimes. It had also begun to snow that Saturday afternoon and our little baby girl had started to develop a nasty cold due to the change in weather these past couple of weeks, making it even more difficult to get out of the house.

But, Mike and I realized we really really needed to go shopping for supplies (like diapers, a humidifier, food, etc.) but we had very little time to do it because Bug was already cranky, exhausted, and ready for bed. When we arrived to the grocery store, I rushed inside and grabbed all of the necessary things off the shelf, and made my way to the front of the store. To my dismay–there was a long, long line for only two open check-out lanes. I swallowed my frustration and waited like a good girl in line knowing our little baby girl was probably screaming her head off in the car with Michael.

Until, out of no where, you came up to me and said, “Why don’t you come over here and I’ll check you out.” At first I didn’t think that it was fair, since there were clearly other people in front of me waiting longer than I had been. But, you didn’t seem to care as you grabbed my cart and brought it to the conveyor belt in the next lane over and helped me load up the items to be scanned. You also helped me feel special by asking me questions like how my day was going, how I was liking the weather outside, etc. like as if you were really interested in how I was doing as a customer.

I know working was probably the last thing you wanted to be doing on a Saturday evening. You probably would rather be with your family or friends catching a movie or going out to eat or something. But, instead you were there assisting me getting the items in my shopping cart quickly purchased and then sent me on my way as quickly and as nicely as possible.

It may not have been the most significant act of kindness, but it truly made a difference to me. It left me leaving the store with a smile on my face feeling like maybe, just maybe, the weekend really can be great despite the illnesses my family is fighting and the wind blowing chilling air in my face. You really understood the meaning of great customer service, and my husband and baby girl were very happy you had me leaving the store quicker than expected. To you, I say thank you so much for being a great employee. Keep up the great work!


Frazzled New Mom


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