Back in Good Ol’ Idaho

So, I apologize to anyone who has been frantically, hopelessly wondering where in the world I have disappeared to for the past month or so, but here is a quick explanation as to why I have been neglecting my blogging posts: we moved!! That’s right–Michael’s internship ended, we packed up our few things into our little car, drove all the way back to Rexburg, Idaho, and moved into our cute little apartment just in time for Spring Semester to start. But, before I go into further explanation of the past few weeks, lemme take a moment to say I’ve accomplished one of my “Bucket List” items. Y’know, the list of things you’ve always wanted to do before you die? Well, here’s one of them: Thaaaaaaat’s right! I’ve finally learned how to shoot a gun! For some that’s not that big of a deal–some may even have done this a hundred times before. But, this was something I’ve wanted to learn how to do since the beginning of college. Ever since I saw a zombie movie for the first time (fyi: I’m helplessly terrified of zombies). Years ago I’ve decided it’s time for me to at least know how to shoot a gun. Y’know, for safety reasons. And Bug seemed to have enjoyed it, too!

Baby's First Shooting Range

Baby’s First Shooting Range

  (Don’t worry, she was mostly outside when we were being given instructions. Once we actually started shooting, my sister-in-law kept her inside our car). But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Lemme start from the beginning: So, around the weekend before April 15th (the last day of Michael’s internship) my mom came into town (yay!) and we took a break from packing and cleaning to celebrate my niece’s 2nd birthday (double yay!) by going to the zoo (triple yay!) and had a bunny-themed birthday party for her on that Sunday (quadruple yay!). It was an awesome weekend, and I believe it was exactly what we needed before the ‘big move’ back to Idaho. The trip to the Denver zoo was phenominal! The animals were really interactive and excited (I think it had to do with the nice weather we had that day) and it was perfect for our little Bug’s first day at the zoo. I’ve heard it said that the zoo is pretty comparable to the St. Louis zoo (not by a long-shot in my book: St. Louis zoo is FREE, whereas the Denver zoo costs more than a couple of bucks just to get in) but I have to agree that the animals were pretty enjoyable to look at!

101_3954 101_3963 101_3981 101_3983 101_3986 (2) 101_3990 (2) 101_3996 101_4020

And Bug even got herself a souvenir (seriously: SHE picked it out–how cute is that?) and took a good long nap the whole ride home. What a great way to celebrate our cousin’s birthday!


After the fun festivities of that last weekend in Denver, we knew we had to get back to work and finish up cleaning and packing–which surprisingly went easier and quicker than I thought it would be. Granted, we only had a few things to pack up and we didn’t bring much with us there. All we brought with us was what fit into our car, so packing up wasn’t took much of a struggle. The hardest part was getting the things we borrowed from family and friends back to them before we left. But, we were able to manage to get everything out of our basement apartment in Denver and drove all the way to Michael’s sister’s house in Provo, UT to stay for a couple of nights before heading up to Idaho. There we hung out, visited, learned how to shoot, played at Nickel City Arcade, ate at Cafe Rio, and even got to see the BYU Art Museum to see some Carl Bloch paintings (fyi: GORGEOUS paintings!!)

Then we had to leave our family there to head up to Idaho and begin yet another fine semester at Brigham Young University-Idaho. We moved into our two-bedroom apartment (took quite a lot of arm muscle and creativity to get all of our things in) and are now relatively settled till the end of the year. Yeah, you heard me right: we’re only going to be here till the end of December when Michael will graduate (finally yay!) with his BS in Accounting and then we will move on with our lives into grad-school. The question is: where will that be?

Well, nothing is set-in-stone, and there are a lot of things to research and consider, but there may be a job offer in our future. Details to come soon, I promise, but for now let’s just sit back and enjoy this moment as we enjoy this view:

Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve missed this place so much. I know I’ve probably said more than a million times how much I’ve hated Idaho’s crazy weather, but this is what makes this wonderful city feel more like home. Well, till next time, wish me luck as I cheer my husband on in his efforts to complete his never-ending pile of homework and studying. Love you all!


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