Mustard & Catch Up

Sorry for the cheesy title line, but this was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about these past couple of months of summer. The last time I wrote on here so many things had happened. So I’ll list off everything to keep you all updated on how our family has been doing:

#1. Bug is walking! Well, kind of…she’s walking about 4-5 steps at a time lately followed by a demonstration of how gravity really works. But, she’s getting incredibly good at it! She is becoming very curious about the world around her, and she loves to put everything in her mouth (whether it is good for her or not). She loves playing with water–in the bathtub, in a pool, or even just a fountain or a sink will keep her entertained for hours. She still completely loves her blanket we call the “cloud,” and is showing an extremely large attachment to her books. She loves to watch other kids play and even loves to pull their hair or poke their eyes. She is fascinated by our dishwasher and has discovered how to open our kitchen and bathroom drawers. Everything is an adventure to her, but she always comes crawling back to her mama for a snuggle every now and then.

#2. We are looking at a possible future in Denver, CO for Michael’s career in accounting. We weren’t originally thinking about moving there, but certain doors have recently opened for us and now we’re considering the possibility. We have some family there, the community is nice, there are plenty of things to do for fun, and plus it’s gorgeous there!


All of these are true, but there are a lot more important things to consider, career-wise, for Michael. So we’ll for sure keep you all updated on how everything goes with our decision.

#3. We had a car accident.


That’s right–but don’t worry: no one got hurt, except for Beatrice (our car’s name). Bug even slept through the whole thing. We were on our way down to Provo, UT for Memorial Day weekend for a short stay and it ended up being a week-long stay instead. Here’s the story: We struggled the night before the road trip due to Bug’s difficulty in falling asleep. And on our way to Provo we stopped for a 4-5 hour break in Salt Lake City to go sight-seeing and eat lunch/dinner with Michael’s sister. Exhausted from the lack of sleep and driving too much and stomachs are full from the french cooking we ate, we tried to make the rest of the way down to Provo. However, we probably felt a little too drowsy and ended up grazing our front right corner on the side of one of those cement guardrails–which quickly pushed us back into traffic. Kudos to Michael for taking control of the car, quickly, though. The mechanics could not tell me enough how amazed they were on how Michael was able to maneuver the car. It was like he had super powers. And thank goodness no other vehicles were involved while Michael pulled us over to the side of the highway. A very nice couple on their way home from their date did pull off to offer help to us. It was so sweet of them, and we could not have been more grateful! They even drove us to Michael’s sister’s home once we got our car towed so that we wouldn’t need to call a cab or something. Luckily we have full coverage on our car insurance and Beatrice wasn’t ‘totaled.’ It just needed a few repairs and it took just about a week for everything to be fixed and ready for us to return home. To be honest: it was the most stressful week I’ve had in a really long time. First off: Michael had to leave to go back to Rexburg for school and work (those kinds of thing don’t get put on hold despite your situation), so that meant I had to stay behind in Provo to handle the car’s situation. Secondly: Bug was there with me, which meant she didn’t have her own bed, her own closet, her own cupboard of baby food, etc. We had only packed enough supplies for the weekend, so I had to bum for rides to the store to stock up for who knows how long. Which brings us to thirdly: I only had enough stuff for me to last the weekend. I only had a couple of clothes to last me 3-4 days. I didn’t bring my hair straightener and most of my make-up cause I figured I wouldn’t need it as much when I was packing, and I only brought enough medicine for 3 nights ( I have asthma and allergies–these medications are kind of important during the spring/summer seasons). But, every time I think back to that terrible evening of the car accident, I try to think about the very sweet couple that helped us. They were very understanding and not judgmental at all (which is way more than what I can say about the cop that came to ‘help’ us–he even gave us a ticket) and even when I tried to pay them a couple of dollars for their troubles they refused it. I hope one day we will be able to meet them again, and hopefully that that would be under better circumstances. But, everything is back to normal now. Or, as much normal as life can be at least. Let’s just say that that was the most expensive “vacation” we’ve had since our honeymoon.

#4. We went camping.

Fourth of July Weekend and other stuff 14 007

Yes we did! I told Mike that since we’re not counting Memorial Day weekend as a real vacation (see above for reason why) we needed to have a second chance vacation to keep our sanity. So, we went and got a couple of sleeping bags, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate (and maybe a box of Starbursts), called up a friend on places to go camping, packed up a couple of games and such, and went camping on Fourth of July. We even went and got our very own fireworks–don’t worry, we were safe. Michael was a boy scout.

We ate hot dogs for dinner that night–and that was a new experience for Michael. He could never remember a time where he cooked hot dogs over a campfire. So that was a fun new experience for him.

Bug loved the whole experience! She might have almost got eaten alive by mosquitoes despite the deet-free bug spray we got for her, but she loved the bright lights our fireworks gave and how fun it was to crawl around in our tent. We did forget a couple of important things like pillows and such, but we may have to go again before summer ends.

#5. Michael and I went on a date! I know this is kind of a strange thing to get all excited about, but it’s true: we were finally able to get a break from Bug. A good friend of mine I knew from St. Louis happens to live a couple of doors down from us at our complex, and she offered to watch Bug for us so that Michael and I could go out and do something fun. So we went to the Rexburg temple–I haven’t been able to go inside since before Bug was born. It was so nice and beautiful in there, and I could feel all of the stress just melting away from me and filling me with peace.

Week 30 Belly Shots and photos around the Rexburg Temple 002

I just love going inside the temple! It is the one place where I can truly meditate and think and pray about different things going on in my life. And it was such a relief that when we came home Bug was not a monster while we were gone. In fact, she fell asleep. Here is a photo her babysitter took:

6. I discovered Seriously, this website made my life so much easier. I know there are a lot of great photo book websites out there such as Shutterfly and even Walgreens and Walmart sell products such as these. But, my friend referred this website to me telling me that I can be as creative as I want to be with my photo books here. The prices are great, and as far as I know they give you unlimited amount of stickers and backgrounds without charging you extra for them. I am making one for Bug’s first year and another with all of my previous College years photos. Organization–check!

7. Bug is going to be turning one soon!! I can’t believe this year is almost up! My baby is going to be a whole year old in just a couple of short months!! Nooooooooooo!! But, the upside to this is that I can have the opportunity to not only bake a cake but photograph my daughter playing in what is popularly known as a smash cake. I am seriously excited to try this recipe out and take some awesome pictures of Bug ripping into that cake. I know she’ll have a blast! And so will I 🙂

Summer is certainly not over, yet, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Even though we’ve had our ups and downs so far this year–life has been pretty adventurous for us. We’re pretty excited for some grandparents to come up and visit us and we even planned a couple of fun activities for when Michael gets out of school in a couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted–have a wonderfully fun summer! ‘Cause I know we will 🙂

Fourth of July Weekend and other stuff 14 035


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