Staying Afloat with My Root-beer Float

So these past couple of weeks have been pretty eventful for the King family. Firstly, we’ve got quite the little walker!! That’s right, Bug’s couple of little tiny steps have turned her into a walking-machine. And she won’t stop.


Seriously, she’s trying to run, now. And she’s only 10 months old.

And with this freedom, means she’s getting into everything. EVERYTHING! And then tries to run away from me, like as if I can’t catch her.

The little trouble-maker.

But, that won’t stop my parents from spoiling her rotten. They came to town last week driving by on their way up to Yellowstone (they were doing this whole across-the-country road trip). Too bad they couldn’t stay longer than three nights, though. It was really nice having the extra pair of hands while Mike was at work. But, while they were here we made the best of it by going to Mesa Falls, going to Nature Park and fed the ducks, ate Kiwi Loco frozen yogurt, had some amazing Mexican food at a local taco bus, played at a cute little water park at Porter Park, and even experienced riding a carousel for the first time (Bug’s, of course).


Mom, Bug, & Me at Mesa Falls


Bug trying on her first princess dress-up costume


Grandma & Bug at the water-park!


Bug’s First Carousel Ride!


Dad & Michael playing soccer together


Going for a walk at Nature Park


Spending time with Grandma

But, the best part was celebrating Bug’s First Birthday a little early with two of her grandparents. She just loved digging into that bag and seeing what she could pull out. And, of course, like all other babies in the world: she’d rather play with the packaging than the actual toy. But, that’s okay–she’ll figure out that there are toys there someday.

Michael has also done something extraordinary, as well: he’s accepted his first job offer! We’ve thought long and hard about it, and after a lot a lot a LOT of praying, we’ve decided that we’ll move back to Denver, CO at the end of this year so that Michael can start off his accounting career! Don’t worry, he’ll still be going to grad-school and get his CPA as well, but he’ll be doing all of those things while working at an accounting firm there. So, now it’s time to go apartment shopping! Again…

Don’t get me wrong–I LOVE the idea of a new adventure and moving to a fun new city and might actually stay there a little bit more permanently (can I get a Hallelujah!?).

But, the idea of packing up all of our things and shoving them into a moving truck and driving half across the country (in the snow, might I add) again doesn’t exactly sound like a fun activity.

BUT, I will try to make the best of this experience as much as I can. I’m already on my way to becoming a professional mover, and maybe this will be an opportunity to go through all of our things again and decide what to keep and throw away a whole bunch of junk. And I am so glad that we are moving to a place where we will have some family, we’re already familiar with it, and that Michael will be able to work.

We also had a flood here in Rexburg. Yeah, surprisingly enough we had so much hail and rain one afternoon the water-level built up so high that it caused damage not only on campus and in all of the campus buildings, but also in several apartment buildings in the Rexburg area.

A lot of students, including my husband, who work on campus were called-in to help clean up as much as possible. Luckily for Michael, he works on the carpet-cleaning crew, so he had just the right equipment to really help with the situation. But, unluckily for him, the van he needed was in a garage attached to one of the buildings that got flooded pretty badly (the MC building). He said the water got so deep that if he waited any longer he probably wouldn’t be able to get the van out of there. As he opened the garage door tons of water gushed out, almost sweeping him away. After gathering all of their equipment, he and a bunch of other student employees drove their van from building to building helping anyway they can to undo the damage that was done. He first arrived there around 6 pm and didn’t leave campus until 3 am the next morning. And even still there were people running around throughout the night trying to clean up. The next day, you could still see many employees working hard to clean up the mess and drying every building out with using large fans.

My experience of the flood, however, was a little different:

101_4239 101_4240 101_4241

Since I was to stay at home and watch Bug, I could see outside our living room window something was different. Right outside of our apartment complex there is an empty lot that has a very large dip into the ground–about 4-5 feet deep. And after the rain water had rushed into that big hole in the ground it formed a small pond in our neighborhood. People in the nearby neighborhoods and apartment complexes got so excited for the new neighborhood “pool” that they grabbed their swimsuits, inner-tubes, and even kayaks to go and play in it. Even a TV camera crew came by to see what was going on. It was kind of crazy to think that anything bad was going on on the other side of town when you see people having such a great time here.

Lucky for us, we were not tragically affected by the flood, but unfortunately a lot of other people were.

Many students lost everything–laptops, books, clothes, food, everything. And although finals were the following week, students worked hard for many hours helping others cleaning up the water damage in homes,  lower level apartments, and basements.

BYU-Idaho Students using pails, buckets and an assembly line to help get rid of water out of students’ apartments.

Just by seeing all of the pictures and videos, I could tell that although it was an unfortunate event, it seemed like it was also a great opportunity to serve and love one another. That’s one of the many things that I love about this school and the student-body here. Michael and I are so grateful we live in a second-story apartment, and pray for those who were affected that life would get back to normal for them as quick as possible.

All we ever had to suffer from the storm was no internet for about a week. But, I didn’t mind–it actually felt nice to be cut-off from the internet for a while.

I even had time to sort through some old things Michael inherited from his dad and grandpa. I’ve found out that we even have some German money made between World War One and World War Two that his Gramps traded for while he was in the Navy. Pretty cool stuff!

After finals ended and everyone moved away from Rexburg for the 7-week break, Michael and I decided to get up and go to Jackson Hole for a day before he has to sit down and study for his GMAT test.


An arch made out of antlers in Jackson Hole, WY


Bug and I at a Pizzeria in Jackson Hole


Bug and I rested on a bench when we met someone! Albert Einstein!

We had a lot of fun walking around, looking at gift shops, ate some pretty expensive pizza, ate some pretty expensive ice cream, and even bought ourselves a little souvenir–a little wood carving shaped like a bear. It was a fun day, and I’m glad we finally got up and did it before we moved away from here.

These next couple of months will be extremely eventful for our family! This month we will be going back down to Utah to see a couple of our friends’ wedding at the Salt Lake City temple.

I’m so excited!! It’ll be so much fun to be a part of their wedding (Mike will be one of the groomsmen, and I will be one of the bridesmaids), and it’ll be even more fun to go inside that gorgeous temple and witness them being sealed to one another. I love weddings!!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Bug. She’ll be having her own entertainment during the ceremony. Luckily we have Mike’s brother there in Utah who is willing to babysit her for us.

We will all be having Birthdays this fall: Michael and I will be turning 26 (What?) and Bug will be turning 1! (Double what?) We’re so excited for her and I’m thinking princess theme for her party! What do you think?

I’m so psyched for Halloween this year! Bug will be old enough to dress up and I could not be more excited to get as many photos of her looking like a Disney princess! (This girl will probably end up believing she IS one…)

There are so many fun activities, events, and photo-op ideas for this fall, I just can’t wait to get started on all of them!

Love you all!


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