Rag-Tie Banner


So I went into this project with one purpose: use up and get rid of all things that I won’t need in Denver.

One of these things is a large pile of different folds of fabric. I looked up online for fun and easy ideas and this one came up. I love it! It’s so cute and shabby-chic it’ll go perfect in Bug’s room.

So here is how you make it:

First Step is to make sure you have all of the supplies you need.


You will need a variety of fabric patterns that you love. These are pieces of fabric a friend of mine gave to me for free, so essentially this project costed me zero dollars (yeah, you heard me).

You are also going to need a pair of scissors, some string (make sure you measure out how long you want the banner to be and give yourself 4-5 inches extra to be able to tie it up somewhere), and a ruler if you need one.


Next you are going to use your scissors (and ruler if you need it) and cut off 1-inch wide strips. You can decide however long you want the strips to be–keep in mind the longer the strips are the wider your banner is going to be). If you really want to know the length of strips I used were about 12 inches long.


Next you’re going to want to tie your string up somewhere tight. I used a piece of tape and tape the ends on the edge of my counter-top, whereas some people may prefer to tie it to the back of a couple of chairs. Whatever you prefer, get it tied up tight (and if you have a little one like me–up high!).


Then you are going to want to grab a piece of fabric, and fold it exactly in half with the wrong-side inside.


Then you are going to want to wrap the folded edge over your string like so:


Wrap the folded edge around itself and pull it through the loop creating a knot.


Pull it through tight-otherwise it will be loose and will fall apart.


Like so:


Then you will do the same thing to all of the other strips of fabric. If you want you could do a pattern like I did for mine, or you could make yours randomly–it’s all up to you!


Hang it up somewhere and enjoy!



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