Paper Pumpkins


So lately I have been feeling extremely crafty and I have to post these on here! I got this idea from this website and I just had to give it a try (we are moving soon, and I really want to get rid of some paper we have). Obviously I am not finished with them quite yet (I still need to figure out how I am going to do the stems for these), but so far they look great! These are so quick, easy and they’re super cute! All you need are the following:

Decorative Paper (or you can use scrapbook paper like I did)

Glue Stick (or tape)


Various Sizes of Bowls or Cups


Hot Glue-Gun

Pipe-Cleaner (Optional)

1. Using a bowl or a cup, draw six circles out of a variety of decorative paper and cut them out. Then fold them in half nice-side on the inside (if your paper is white on the opposite side, then the white should be on the outside).


2. Grab your glue stick or tape (I ran out of glue, so I used tape for this project). and attach the pieces together like so:


Do this for all six pieces of paper until you get something like this:


3. Next you’re going to want to grab your scissors to trim all of the excess white edges so that they’re all uniform.


4. Once you have done that, you will want to grab some brown or green paper and cut them into little strips. Grab your pencil (or pen) and wrap the strips around the pencil until you get a nice little curl.


5. Then, with a little dab of hot glue, you stick the ends of the curls into the top. This is also where you would insert a stem if you prefer to have one.


6. The last step is pretty important, otherwise your pumpkin is going to roll all over the table or shelf you put it on. So I suggest to cut a tiny bit off the bottom of your pumpkin so that it has a nice flat bottom.


And voila! You can make a whole bunch like I did and make it look like you have a cute little pumpkin patch with absolute little to no-cost. Have fun with this project!


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