Favorite Things

…These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things…


Michael's and My First Date 030

Pumpkin Seeds. Pickles. Vienna Sausages. Banana Peppers. Soccer. Baseball. Playing Tennis. Bagpipes. Gramps’ Ships. Photography. Coin Collections. Psych. Big Bang Theory. Family. The Gospel. Yosemite. St. Louis Cardinals. Laser Tag. Bowling. Shooting. Arcades. The Claw Machine. Wii Tennis. TMNT. Ghostbusters. Oldies Music. Talk Radio. Hair Tickling. The Book of Mormon. Camping. Sunflower Seeds. The Temple. Christmas. Movies. Landscaping/Yard-work. Buck-eye Balls. Billiard Pool. The US Soccer Team. Honey Bunches of Oats Granola.



Music. Art. Dancing. Reading. Movies. Baseball. Camping. Hiking. Horseback Riding. Designing. Shoes. St. Louis Cardinals. Organization. Kids. Psych. Big Bang Theory. Chocolate. Sour Punch. Popcorn. Pumpkin Pie. Egg Rolls. Ping Pong. Trees. Photography. Family. The Gospel. Barbecue Chips. Snuggling. Massages. Big Bear Hugs. Slippers. Summer Rain. Storms. Beach sand. Halloween. Christmas. The Book of Mormon. Temples. Nature Walks. TV Show Friends.


Valentine's Day 2014 065

Eating. Sleeping. Passing Gas. Snuggling. Baths (sometimes). Bouncing. ‘The Cloud’ (a very fuzzy blanket). Car Seat. Mirrors. Midnight Snacks. Late-Night Slumber Parties. Cooing. Sucking on Things. Rolling over. Giggling. Flirting with strangers. Razzing. Squealing. Stuffed animals. Jingle bells. Sprinklers. Grass. Puppies. Chocolate. Bread.


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