Favorite Books

1. The Hunger Games Series written by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games Series

This book series is awesome! I read the first book before the second book even became published. My mom was actually the one that introduced these to me. She read them for her book club, and then told me that if I wanted a good read that would catch my attention from beginning to end, here it was. I read the first book and became instantly hooked.

During my Student Teaching in Mesa, Michael wanted something good to read, and so I recommended these books to him. He, also, became hooked as well.

Needless to say, we were ecstatic when the first movie came out. We both really enjoyed the movie without any disappointments. I personally think they did a great job portraying the book in the movie considering this was supposed to be a pretty gruesome tale. Sure, the idea of children killing other children would’ve initially turned me off, too. If it weren’t for my mother recommending it to me, I would’ve probably put it back on the shelf and never read it. But, to be honest: it is a really compelling story!

It is a ‘Dystopian’ (the opposite of Utopian) style of a story where it is set in the future after many wars between different districts in the country of Panem (which is located in North America). These different districts make a ‘payment’ for their uprising against what is called “The Capitol,” a highly advanced metropolis, by submitted two of their children, a boy and a girl, each year to fight other children in the other districts to the death. There is only one winner in what they call “The Hunger Games.” The story takes place where a young girl, named Katniss, is chosen to be a ‘tribute’ for her district.

Anyway, read it! It’s great, it’s enjoyable, it’s thought-provoking, and it makes you feel more grateful for the freedoms we have today.

2. I Am Number Four Series by Pittacus Lore

I Am Number Four Series

This is a book series Michael is really into right now. He didn’t know it was a book series at first when he saw the movie, but when he found that out he couldn’t stop reading the books. He’s never been much of a reading ‘fan’ but he really enjoyed the mysterious story it has to behold.

Another series to add to the list of must-reads.

3. Beauty by Robin McKinley


This is a great version of the classic story “La Belle et La Bete,” or more commonly known in America “The Beauty and the Beast.” This is the story that the writers of Disney actually were planning on using for their animated version, however it would have made a very, VERY long movie for little kids with short attention spans to watch. So, they made their own little version of it–tweaking things here and there to make the story seem a little more ‘magical.’

This book is really fun to read–Belle’s name is actually “Honour” and she actually has two older sisters (bet you didn’t know that, huh?). And, yes, a rose is involved somehow, but it doesn’t play as big of a part as it does in the Disney version.


Ender’s Game


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